Beautiful photos.


I picked up a Canon DSLR (my first was a Rebel T6) a few years ago when we started our non-profit equestrian club. I figured if I took photos at horse shows and made them available for free, people would post and share them on social media, attracting more attention and riders to our club. I was right!

Eventually, I invested in new equipment (a Canon 5D Mark IV and recently an R6 that I’m still learning) and developed my technique, whether capturing an action shot or an ultra-close-up of a flower. 

When not taking photos, I’m puttering in the garden or working at my full-time (!) job as a PR and marketing executive at BCW Global, where I lead editorial services for the U.S.

My goal in my photography endeavors is to connect to and share new dimensions of ourselves and our world. I hope you enjoy my photos.

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